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Soft Skills Training for Field Service Technicians

Technicians working in the field need technical skills to install and repair systems, as well as to solve any problems that arise. But that’s not all they do. Technicians also work every day with customers, communicating solutions and delivering what we hope is great service.

Our Proactive Service® program, for Field Service Technicians, delivers the soft skills training they need to achieve outstanding levels of customer satisfaction and increase sales and profitability through their actions.

​This course is a “how to” on providing exceptional service while growing the business through technicians.

The Proactive Service course is a positive experience for anyone in the trade seeking to develop and/or reaffirm their customer service savvy. No amount of technical proficiency matters without having customers and, therefore, customer satisfaction is paramount to success in the trade. Everyone should attend this.

— Ryan, workshop participant

Proactive Service

Proactive Service® workshops are designed to help field service professionals add value to their service relationships through their proactive approach to making product and service recommendations that benefit their customers. These are highly interactive workshops. They offer a different perspective for the field service team in terms of their contribution to their customers’ success and present these ideas using real world examples. These workshops are relevant and practical and provide approaches and strategies that the service team can apply immediately for measurable results.

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​For the field service professional, the Proactive Service® approach provides valuable skills that will allow them to offer a higher level of service and become a more valued member of the overall service team. It also means that the role can be more exciting and personally rewarding.

​For the customer, they benefit more fully from the knowledge and expertise of the field service professional and are in a better position to take advantage of the latest in technology or service to help them achieve their own business objectives. There is also a certain assurance that comes with knowing that the service provider is proactively looking out on their behalf.

​For the service provider, it means higher revenues at higher margins through:

  • ​Improved capitalization of additional work opportunities
  • Expanded services within existing accounts
  • Increased customer satisfaction and retention
  • Added project opportunities
  • Improved employee attraction/satisfaction/retention
  • A differentiated business strategy

This course may be eligible for provincial training grants. Ask us for more information.