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Soft Skills Training for New Leaders

Your technicians work hard every day and excel at what they do. Some of them are ready to take on a new role – leading a team.

They may have strong technical skills, but do they have the people leadership skills they need? Research tells us they probably don’t.

Only 1 in 10 managers has the natural talent to effectively manage others. That means anyone moving into people leadership needs help and support to make the transition.

Taking Charge - New Leader

Taking Charge – New Leader is designed to help field service professionals grow and develop into people leaders.

85% of new managers receive no training before stepping into the role, As a result, they struggle because they lack the skills to be effective. Ultimately, team morale declines and work suffers. For the field service professional, the Taking Charge – New Leader approach provides leadership skills that will allow them to make the move from peer to boss and step into their potential.

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​This workshop will offer hands-on activities, opportunity for discussion and idea sharing, as well as reflection and true skills assessment. We’ll cover such topics as:

  • ​Moving from peer to boss
  • Managing people
  • Giving quality feedback
  • Delegating effectively
  • Introduction to the one on one conversation
  • Coaching and support

This course may be eligible for provincial training grants. Ask us for more information.