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Vancouver, BC

Soft Skills Training for People Leaders

Gallup’s research shows only 10% of managers have the natural talent to manage a team. That means almost all of your managers need some help.

This program presents 7 key leadership traits and one powerful tool to help managers connect with, engage, and inspire their reports. It will provide the people leaders in your company with the necessary skills to become an effective team leader, supervisor, and manager in a fast-paced and changing service environment.

Take Charge - Leader

Take Charge – Leader is designed for people leaders who need training to help them develop the soft skills needed to engage and inspire great work in their team members.

85% of managers receive no training before stepping into the role, As a result, they struggle because they lack the skills to be effective. Ultimately, team morale declines and work suffers. The Take Charge – Leader approach provides opportunity for skills development in the areas of business related to leadership, communication, strategic thinking, and other key management skills. Whether using these skills to progress in an existing business, or to gain knowledge to start their own trades-related business, this program leaves participants well-positioned for success.

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In leadership, soft skills are power skills! This workshop will offer hands-on activities, opportunity for discussion and idea sharing, as well as reflection and true skills assessment. We’ll cover such topics as:

  • ​The power of the one on one conversation
  • Developing relationships
  • Empathy and support
  • The importance of guiding and empowering team members
  • Coaching
  • Delivering effective feedback

This course may be eligible for provincial training grants. Ask us for more information.